Off site programme of artists' lectures and video commissioned by Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

Oliver Sutherland

30th April


Tickets Available in April

Retrogression - Post-Programme Discussion

30th April

Tickets Available in April

A Short Sharp Blow to the Head..,

Programme of short exhibitions and events including the following groups, artists and organisations at Trade:

Bubblebyte - Energia Della Danza

A Short Sharp Blow to the Head..,

1st - 30th April - Online Takeover

Paul Flannery, Rhys Coren, Laurel Schwulst and Oliver Sutherland

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Ewoud Van Rijn

12th April 6-9pm

A Short Sharp Blow to the Head..,

Tim Hattrick

5th July 6-9pm

A Short Sharp Blow to the Head..,


Kelly Large

24th May 6-9pm

A Short Sharp Blow to the Head..,

Eastside Projects

Hannah Conroy

21st June

Jackie Berridge


A Short Sharp Blow to the Head..,

Elements Master of Arts Programme

Research for Elements, Master of Arts Programme has begun.

Elements MA

Previous Exhibitions and Events

Iva kontic

Yelena Popova / Grandad Hill

Alexander Stevenson
Eigg Lectures version 2

Phillip henderson
Time Machine Lecture #10

Perfect Lives
Robert Ashley

Green Man & Regular Fellows

Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry - Consequence of Retrospect

Elisa Pône, Katie Davies - Flash Bang

Richard Paul, Davide Sherry
The Perception Instruction

Joseph Beuys
I like America and America likes me

Rotterdam VHS Festival
Exhibition and Short Film Evening

Mark Essen
Eternal Atlas

Ben Woodeson
Violations #10 and #15

Oliver Sutherland
Nothing for Chroma Key

Jemma Egan
Swiss Dogs

Tomas Chaffe
Sometimes Artists Work Here

Abigail Reynolds
Mount Fear

Sarah Doyle
Jackson, Maddonna, Prince

Phillip Henderson
Time Machine Lecture #7

Endless Supply #10
Guest curated by Trade

Artur Zmijewski

Parasitical Events

Text Archive

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Yelena Popova
Alexander Stevenson

Leo Fitzmaurice
Helmut Wietz
Tomas Chaffe
Richard Paul
Mirjam van Tilburg
Marjolijn Dijkman
Maarten Vanden Eynde
Juneau Projects
Simon and Tom Bloor
S Mark Gubb
Jack Strange
Ellie Harrison
James R Ford
Elizabeth Rowe

*Coming Soon*

Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry

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